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Read the latest Noosa rental news, property market trends, housing information and insights.

Dog Friendly Areas In Noosa

The whole Noosa area is a haven for dog owners with many areas you can enjoy the company of your canine companion as you soak up the sun or outdoors in Noosa. For dog loving Noosa Real Estate buyers you should look no further. Whether you want to be able take your dog to one of the spectacular Eastern Beaches or go for a walk along the river in Noosaville, or simply sit or play in one of the many parks  there is somewhere for you. The Dog Beach at the end of Hastings Street in...

Things To Do In Hastings Street

Hastings Street is right in the heart of Noosa Heads.   Iconic Hastings Street attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. Many tourists would be happy to remain in Hastings Street for their entire vacation as the atmosphere is both charming, and relaxing yet with an energy about it that just works.    There’s the beach right out in front – famous Laguna Bay as the backdrop to Noosa main beach.  It is a north facing beach, protected by the...

Noosa Film Society

PROBABLY THE WORLD’S BEST VALUE is to be a member of the Noosa Film Society.  Okay, you might have to wait for somebody to die before you can get membership (I’m not joking) but put your name down because we have world class movies presented from art house, foreign language, engaging, scary to very thought-provoking offerings.   There are two films per month and it is for the ridiculously low price of $60 per year.   Who doesn’t love a good...

Changing Your Lifestyle In Retirement

Just making it to retirement is a huge achievement and most definitely something to celebrate, but a lot of people also view retirement as their cue to make a few big lifestyle changes. It is never too late to make positive changes in your life, and the following are some lifestyle changes that can help give you a huge boost in your retirement. Move to a new place One of the best ways to change your lifestyle in retirement is to make a big shift and move somewhere else, as there is nothing...

How Where You Live Affects Your Life

Where you live really does make a huge difference to your life and can be the number one thing that makes you either happy or unhappy. Apart from work, you spend more time at home than anywhere else, so having a place that you love is probably the best thing you can do for your overall quality of life. The following are some of the ways that where you live affects your life. The Commute Living a long way away from where you work can add a huge amount of stress to your life. No one likes being...

Hastings Street Noosa; The Hub Of Paradise.

Travel anywhere in the world and you will soon discover the main Street or precinct of that town or city. It is typically the focal point for social activities, meeting people, shopping and enjoying a concentrated sampling of what that town or city has to offer. Well Hastings Street is Noosa’s main boulevard and social hotspot and offers all this and much more. Hastings Street provides an experience that has made it famous all over Australia, offering something very unique for locals...


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